Broken B Bag?? This Happen to Anyone else?

  1. I have been on a mad search for my new black bag and came across the Fendi B bag in calf skin. I bought it on Sunday, three days ago. I got it out this morning to use it for the first time and it BROKE! The flap came undone on one side. Do you think it is a fluke or has this happened to anyone else. Needless to say, I had planned on heading back to Bloomingdales to exchange it, but if this has happened to other people, I may re-think my decision altogether. Thanks!
  2. Awww :confused1: That bites! I have the linen/blue patent bag and it's held up for several months. I'm hoping it's just a fluke that this happened.
  3. I hope so, too. I will see if I can just exchange it for one that isn't damaged. What do you think about the bigger one?
  4. I know of three people that this has happened to. And it seems to happen more frequently on the large B FENDIs. It's a design flaw IMO. The stress on the snap is greater than it's design limitations, especially when the bag is dangling from the crook of one's arm (that's the mechanical engineer in me speaking).