Broken Arty Cuff!!


Aug 17, 2007
I bought my arty cuff last October, and last week it broke in half!!! Today I went to the YSL store in Midtown NYC and the SA basically told me there was nothing they could do because it cannot be repaired, they don't have any replacements, and it's been over a year since I bought it.

This is totally unacceptable to me! I don't expect a piece of jewelry that costs $325 (costume or not) to literally break in half after a year of wear.

I've contacted YSL to see if they can resolve the issue, but haven't heard back and am so disappointed. :sad:



The Gimme-Queen
Nov 29, 2010
DCA via the DMV via NGA
I'm sorry that happened to you. Do you know how it broke? Haven't heard any stories about YSL jewelry falling apart. Hopefully someone can chime in on that because now, I'm curious as to how that happens.

It would have been nice if the SAs had offered you say $50 to $100 to use on some other piece of YSL jewelry. However, being that the piece was indeed over a year old, as you yourself acknowledged, they must have been limited in what they could do for you.

Nevertheless, I hope you hear back from YSL corporate. I had a Burberry umbrella that was over a year old and when it started acting up, I went to the store to get repair information. The manager (Connecticut ave. store in Washington DC) kindly replaced the umbrella for me with a brand new one. Different version (not as expensive), but I was grateful for the effort. I have not forgotten that excellent example of customer service and for that reason, remain a Burberry customer today. I bought two pieces from them this year.

Hopefully, YSL corporate will similarly do what they can.

Good luck.


May 17, 2010
Brussels, Belgium
I am sorry this happened. Hopefully, they can offer something in exchange or compensation. Even after a year I would not expect this. Are they telling us that YSL bracelets canot be handed down generation after generation? They have a guarantee so short lived.

Good luck, keep us posted.


Aug 17, 2007
They're not budging and aren't offering anything other than an "i'm sorry". They say they have a 1 year policy, but I didn't see that in writing anywhere (doubt it's on the receipt), and the bracelet was bought in October 2010, so it's just past 1 year.

Never buying from YSL again.


The french touch
Dec 29, 2009
Pfff it is intolerable !!!
You knows that French people have bad character. I'll don't hesitate to write a letter of complaint to the direction of the boutique... :cursing::censor: