Broken Alexa lock

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  1. The little twisty lock on my 6mth old (and barely used) Alexa fell off this morning when I was twisting it to lock my bag. It does look like it just screws back on but surely it will just come off again. Will I need to return it to the store and have it sent away for proper repair? Anyone else had this issue? Thank you.
  2. Hi stopmenow - how disappointing, especially as you haven't used her a great deal - I would hold fire until you receive some more feedback to your post from ladies who may have had same problem - but I am sure Mulberry can repair this very easily - they would be able to give you an approximate cost over the phone, but of course you would have to send the bag to Shepton Repairs....good luck and hope you get this sorted without too much hassle!...:smile:
  3. As I've only had it for six months I had hoped this would be a free repair?
  4. If you have proof of purchase, they will repair it free of charge as it is covered by the one year's guarantee. I've not had that problem with locks but I have had the screws on the inside flap scratching the plate. I just haven't gotten round to getting it sorted out yet.
  5. :cry:Thanks. I have the receipts for all my bags safely stored away fortunately. I have spoken to the Leeds branch and will be taking it in on Saturday for a free repair. Will they think I'm mad if I take it in with all the stuffing still inside? I will be able to have a good look at all the new bags too although no buying due to the worst news on the jobs front for dh this week. Might even have to sell.
  6. Nope, I don't think they'll think your mad if you keep the stuffing in at all! :lol: I'm sure most people do! Good luck!