Broken Agenda Button


Diggin TPF
Aug 20, 2006
Thanks =) I don't know if I want to take it to LV though - it's kinda yucly (like I said bought off ebay) It's a little discoloured and the inside is a mess (I think they stuck stickers on the inside and it has marks from where those were) So I would be embarrased to show it at LV ;)
Also - I got it for $100 so a $50 button might be crazy -
Jul 3, 2006
You can mail it in for repairs - call a different store than the one you usually shop at and then mail it to them (insured, return receipt requested). They will send it in for repairs (after calling you with an estimate), charge it directly to your credit card, and your normal SAs at the store where you shop will never know about it. They are way to busy at the repair center in California to worry about notifying anyone about condition. As far as the cost, just tell them to call you with the estimate upon receipt, which they will do. Then you can decide to go ahead, or not. Either way - you don't have to see anyone face to face and you can get your agenda completely repaired!