Brokedown and ordered the zip clutch in topaz.....

  1. anyone know if petrol or the bordeaux color is still/yet available in the zip clutch anywhere?

    Am I too late to the game to get one in olive anywhere?
  2. I think topaz is a gorgeous color for the ZC! The last time I saw a bordeaux was at the MJ SF store last month. I'm not sure which season bordeaux you're referring to, but this one was from '05. If you ask for Luke, he should be able to tell you if it was sold yet.
  3. Nordies is definitely sold out of the olive.. have you tried calling Bloomies? I don't know if they carried that color or not, but it's probably worth a try.
  4. yes, i love the topaz color, very pretty. i hope to score a bag or clutch in that color, especially during these recent sales.

    ela1235 where did you get your clutch?
  5. oh my gosh! i bet a topaz ZC is TDF!!

    the next one i get will def. be in a bright pretty color like that!!

    congrats! & please post pics when it gets here!!

  6. I dont know about the bordeaux ZC but the petrol ZC is not out yet. I asked at the melrose store today.
  7. Charge send from Saks, they should have a few left!
  8. I'm dying to see the petrol IRL, I may have to pay full price for this one!