broke the ban and got the PH...

  1. Ohhh screw that whole price increase in Canada made me the PH and love is sooo tiny compared to my LH...cannot take my LH out in the rain with all the aureilla mm MC in black and my LH are the bags which I baby and keep speedy 30 is my kick around bag and PH will be everyday shoulder type not want my LH in the rain or snow....the PH is sooo small next to my aureilla and is soo cute and on days where I do not want hand held it is I am back on the ban...that darn price increase is so motivating...the PH is 885 can and starting tomorrow it is 925 can + taxes 14% nuts for a mono canvas more the PH hope they bring it out in white MC for next summer....LV NO MORE PRICE INCREASES IT IS INSANE!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Congrats! Savings of 4.5% by buying it today instead of after the price increase! I think the exterior of the PH is deceiving - it looks small, but you can actually fit quite a bit in there!
  3. ahh broke your purse ban? ahh who cares haha.. congrats for the purchase!! and i know, the price increasing is ridiculous, and it seems like we have had SO many this year!:wtf::crybaby:
  4. purse ban is hard isn't it? :Push:

    congrats! and share pics!!
  5. Congratulations! How abt some pix of ur newest addition? Oo:huh: some modelling pix too please... LOL...I'd probably break my ban too to buy 1 last LV before an increase...makes economical sense...i think..altho my husband woluld beg to differ...
  6. Bans are no fun Anyway! Congrats on your new bag.
  7. IMO purse ban is a terrible thing to impose on an individual. I rather be happy and buy something when the timing is right otherwise you'll start having cravings for things you don't necessary want. That's when you either want too much or make the wrong choices. Again, IMO:P
  8. oooops I forgot...:shame:

    Congratulations on your PH! I'm sure you're going to baby her too:yes: :flowers:

    I think the speedy is the only purse use as the knock around bag. Cause you can always replace it. The other lines and really up to LV can be discontinued without notice anytime.:yes:

    Price increases are every year at least twice. On a bad year might be three.:sad:
  9. Congrats.
  10. thanks the PH I returned it a month ago for the LH which I love but, never quite got over it...soo I knew I had to get one for my seems so tiny because I am use to the LH which is much bigger...even my speedy 30 seems is cute and I needed a smaller shoulder more mono canvas now that I have the PH, LH and speedy 30 and the pouchette accessoire w/ the extender for evening and some mono accessories....ces't tous....pour mono is funny because even though most of my bags are mono canvas they are all unique because they are different sizes and shapes...each has a different purpose...only in LV could you the same canvas in different sizes and shapes and be ok with it....that price increase motivated me to break my is only a few bucks but, still knowing that you got for a lower price gets me every time...the price increase is effective starting tommorrow in canada...why can't they have a decrease for once......
  11. congrats
  12. Well, you have been really pining for tha darn PH, so good for you! Can you please post some pics! Congrats and enjoy!:yes:
  13. Thank you..I missed is soo much smaller than my LH soo I can justify the purchase...soon I will do a family pic of my updated collection since it has grown a little...will do some visuals like I did for my aureilla mm but, it hard to take a pic of yourself in the mirroir and have it turn out fabulous...soo happy PH is back at home where she belongs..she really was missing from my collection...darn I need soo many shapes and sizes it is unreal...and expensive...LV bags are the best:yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
  14. Pics pics ...let's see that baby!

  15. Congrats! Can't wait to see pics!:smile: