Broke Out my Bronze Stam Last Night!

  1. Well, I broke out my Bronze Stam last night for a dinner and movie date with my hubby! Love Love Love it! I was almost considering sending it back, but glad I didn't! I had a lovely air of confidence as I carried my bag. Surprisingly my bag was very light. Had a little difficulty with the kisslock, but I noticed on my bag if you are relaxed when you try and gentle when you open it, it opens more easily!

    I wore a melon / silver sparkle tunic top (think Tory Burch) with jeans and silver TB crochet espadrilles...went beautifully with my outfit and I was worried!

    Anyway, just wanted to share..thank I likee this bag!

    TIA Girls!:biggrin: :heart:
  2. good for u, wear that stam well!

  3. Sounds like you looked very beautiful :love::love: would like to se pictures ;)
  4. Glad to know that you like it, may we see some pictures? =)
  5. Congrats, and I'm glad that you love the bag!