broke my semi-ban! Michael Michael Kors Ranger patent it!

  1. [​IMG]

    Love this black, crinkly patent, ladies!! I will use her 3 seasons of the year easily. Note it is far more pliable than it looks in the picture...

    I have not spent under $300 for a bag in AGES and I hope that doesn't sound pretentious but I am very pleased with this purchase as a good, everyday bag with a lot of style & flair. Fits perfectly on my shoulder just like my far more expensive shoulder bags! :yahoo:
  2. It looks fab! I saw the same model in gold and it didn't look nearly as nice. And mind you I don't even like patent ;)
  3. i am thinking of getting the blue one! it's a great bag, enjoy!
  4. very cute!! congrats!!:tup: i've never been into MK... they used to seem kind of old lady-ish to me... but this seasons... omg... there are some reeeeeally cute ones!!
  5. I also love that bag. Congats.
  6. Oh my! I love that! Is it big? Does it come in different sizes?
  7. It's worth breaking your ban for that bag! I love it!
  8. It is 13" W x 15" H x 3" D, but it doesn't 'feel' that big because it's slouchy but not overly so and conforms to your body. This style only comes in this size. There are other styles like a satchel style that are smaller... currently has it in yellow patent, cobalt blue patent and white patent!
  9. ITA a lot of his stuff is really frumpy in general....this cutie really caught my eye!!
  10. awesome! i love michael kors. i have a MK patent bag in white and i :heart: it..and yeah it does feel nice paying less than $300 for a bag! :shame:
  11. Lovely!
  12. love it! Was looking at this in the yellow and blue.
  13. ...I almost got it in the silver but I'm glad I stayed with my trusted BLACK. The crinkly patent is a unique touch as I LOVE black but the crinkly patent is soooo girly and fun!!
  14. Beautiful bag, I looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove Michael Kors bags.
  15. Great find! I like!! :smile: