Broke my purse ban

  1. Got me a Charmy :smile:
  2. Was that something worth breaking your purse ban for? Its cute, but doesnt strike me as something you were "dying" to have. lol
  3. Congrats!!! Very Cute!!!
  4. Congratulations!! I pre-saled the one in pink!
  5. Love the charmy, congrats!! It was definitely worth breaking the ban for her!
  6. so cute, congrats!!
  7. hmmm.. looking at it now makes me wish that i wouldve bought the pink on sale when i saw it. congrats its a very pretty bag
  8. i did not like it when i saw it sitting on the display but when i put it on it actuallys looks pretty cute....
  9. Very cute- congratulations!
  10. congrats!!!
  11. Congrats - purse bans are made to be broken!!!! :yahoo: