broke my ban with Marc Jacobs Blake

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  1. Love it! Totally worth breaking your ban for. The Blake is one of my favorite MJ's ever.

    Whenever I use mine, I put the stuff I use the most in the middle compartment (which sometimes includes my wallet). I don't think it's terribly unsafe to put valuables in the open compartment since it's in the middle and my bag is usually clutched under my arm.
  2. Oh hell yeah you're forgiven for going off your ban for a BLAKE!! Especially that one!!! I'm a huge fan of that color and the maroon from last year...Sweet!! Soooooo where are the pics?!?!?:graucho: Congrats...I would have done the same thing..I mean was more than a bargain!!
  3. gorgeous color... definitely one of my favorite color neutrals ever. congrats on finding her at such a steal!
  4. I think you got a great deal on an absolutely gorgeous, classic bag (that color is TDF!!) that you can carry for years and years. Maybe put the brakes on now that you've spent a little more than you're comfortable with, but enjoy that beautiful bag and the fabulous price you got it for. Congrats!!
  5. this bag is perfection. it's a good thing you snapped it up when you did. congrats!
  6. Thanks for your encouragement and compliments ladies. I did a tryout putting my stuff in the Blake. I like that while it doesn't look like a large bag, it holds a lot. And things can be nicely organized.
    However, I'm sorry to say that once I loaded her up, I immediately noticed she was quite a bit heavier than the Tods T-bag I've been carrying this week. I'm not giving up on the Blake yet but I'm going to give it some thought and compare it weight-wise to some of my other bags before putting it into rotation.

    On the positive side, I tried putting a magazine in the center compartment, in case I would want to carry the bag for travel. I wouldn't have thought it was large enough to hold all my regular stuff plus a magazine if I hadn't seen a post on this forum about someone putting their I-book in there. It really is surprising how much you can comfortably load in this bag.
  7. depends on where im going, but generally i put my wallet in the zip section, makeup bag/keys/etc in the center. your gonna love the compartments sooooooooooooooo much!:nuts:
  8. I've been reading posts about the dark plum and the So Cool leather. It seems that a lot of people don't like it, or at least don't like it as well as the soft calf. Also I see comments about it being coated leather. I don't usually like coated leather when it's the kind that almost looks like patent leather. But I don't see the so cool as being that kind of shiny.
    the other comments I've seen a lot are that the leather is wrinkled or distressed. I don't see this on my bag. I do see where it will scratch somewhat easily. But right now, being new, when I look at it it seems like a bag that could be worn with a suit or with jeans....but more dressy looking than some of my softer slouchy bags or than pebbled leather.
    Do you ladies see this bag as casual or more dressy?
    I know it can be whatever I want it to be but I'm just obsessing right now.
  9. sdkitty, I see it as being both casual and dressy. That is why I love it. It has a funky-vibe to it and wearing it with jeans would play that up. Just as easily, you can wear it with a suit or nice dress and the shiny/semi-patent quality of the leather makes it seem a little more dressed up.
  10. So cool leather only gets wrinkled and folded if it's not handled gently - like if you see so cool in a store where it's been handled a lot, you can see what it would look like if you were rough with it. That's generally why people prefer soft calf - it's more forgiving and softer. The Blake has always been a versatile bag in my opinion. You can dress it up, dress it down - whatever you want. It's my favorite style, and you can do whatever you want with it!
  11. yeah, i agree with BOM and roro!! i wasn't sure about so-cool either, until i got to see one IRL. i really am a convert. it's light weight, it's a deep gorgeous color offset with the hardware, and the so-cool is great for everyday use. you can take it in the rain, it's smooshy...yeah it's not as thick as soft calf, but it's got it's own thing going on. i think hardcore MJ addicts are very much used to the soft calf, and the so-cool is so different, but no less beautiful or durable, as far as i have seen with my stella.
  12. Thanks for the feedback, ladies!
  13. You did the right thing, buying the Blake instead of bypassing it and regretting it :Push: I've done that many a time and it's so much more of a hassle trying to find that bag after I realize just how much I really loved it in the first place!

    I actually havent used my blake in a while, but I think I store my ZC in the center, and keys in the back pocket zippered section. Or sometimes the ZC in the back section and keys and phone in the center section :confused1: All I know is I separate the keys from the other leather goods in my purses :lol:

    I know you will enjoy your Blake!! Dark Plum is gorgeous!!
  14. How stunning beautiful purchase, i love that color :heart:
  15. Definitely ban-breaking worthy! Dark plum is a fantastic purple and and I think it's a great neutral, too.

    I've learned not to pass by anything at Nordstrom because you can always return later. I'm typically not a fan of divided bags, but like the origanization of my Blake -- it somehow makes me feel put together even when I'm not. It can be dressed up or down, and the so cool leather (which I have in another bag) has been impervious to rain and snow for me.

    Enjoy! :smile: