broke my ban with Marc Jacobs Blake

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  1. I can't believe I did this. I purchased a Tods bag right after Christmas -- less than a month ago. I told myself no more bags; just enjoy this one for at least six months. But yesterday I went to Nordies to see about getting my Gryson bag repaired.
    Of course, I had to take a look at the designer sale bags. And I see this dark plum MJ bag. It was 60% off. I'm saying to myself "no" and at the same time "but it's such a good price". I asked the SA if there would always be a small group of designer bags at these type of discounts and she said no.
    So I walked around with the bag for a while and finally decided I could always return it but if I missed it, I'd probably be calling the store asking them if they still had it Monday. I think the color is a very nice neutral and the style classic and versatile. What do you all think? (I don't have my own pics so I'm using something I found online)
  2. ^^

    OMG, that bag is gorgeous. I think you did good and at 60% off, what a steal!!

    What are your thoughts on the bag? Do you like it?
  3. I love the blake and the plum is very pretty. Plus the new so cool leather is supposed to be lighter, which is a plus. Keep her for awhile and see how you feel. Don't keep it just cause it was a good price, but because you love it.
  4. Thanks. Well, I've always liked these bags and I think the color will be very neutral. I haven't tried my stuff in it yet. These bags used to be known for being heavy but this one isn't lined with suede and doesn't feel overly heavy (at least empty). I'm very happy with the price. This was cheaper at regular Nordies than the MJ bags at Nordstrom Rack and Saks Off 5th. That said, I'm feeling a bit uncomfortable at the timing of this purchase I really need to stop shopping for a while.
  5. dark plum is a beautiful color, especially in the so cool leather! congrats on your great deal!!!! :yahoo:
  6. I have that same bag and I love it. I know it probably was not great timing, but you did get a great deal. I got a great deal on mine, too. I could not pass it up and it has turned out to be one of my favorite bags. Actually, I became a Blake convert after using this bag. I always thought they were too small for me, but this bag holds so much and keeps everything organized. I think you will be happy with it. The color is gorgeous, too. I love the So Cool leather. It really is very light and resists water beautifully. Congrats on your purchase.
  7. Great bag to break your ban with! The blake is a great go-to bag and the dark plum is really gorgeous. Enjoy your new bag!
  8. the blake is beautiful, i'm a blake girl, i love blake, congrats
  9. This is a beautiful bag - I have it as well and would agree its a good bag to break a ban for. Bans are no fun anyways :biggrin:
  10. the plum is really pretty! congrats on breaking your ban.. whoooopsssiee.. i mean congrats on you plum blake! so prettty..
  11. OMG! i love it!

    okay, first off, i've seen roro's so-cool dark plum blake and it's TDF! i love the blakes....after much resistance, thinking it wouldn't work for me, my blake is one of most favorite bags!! blakes are awesome!

    second of all, im also a so-cool leather combo. it's glazed leather, which is a bit different than the soft calf....i was very iffy at first, but recently purchased a stella in this same color and the leather is wonderful! she even ent out with me in the rain the other day and the rain drops just bead up and wipe right off.

    thirdly, the color 'dark plum' is seriously one of the most gorgeous purpley shades MJ has done IMHO. i've searched long and hard...some of his purples too bright, some too dull, others too blue-ish purple, etc etc...

    dark plum is THE best shade of that wonderful deep aubergine, saturated goodness. and combined with the leather, i think it's named perfectly, because it looks just like ripe juicy plum skin!

    congrats on your new bag! you got a great wardrobe staple at a steal!!
  12. That color is beautiful! About your dilemma though, think about 3 months from now. Will you be carrying it and enjoying it or will you be cursing yourself for making a purchase that you shouldn't have?
  13. Thanks ladies for the compliments and encouragement.

    Csamcharlie, I think my concern in large part is that buying so many bags, I will not be using some of the ones I bought just a few months ago (or not often enough). I don't like switching bags daily. But I guess I'll have to do at least weekly, which is pretty much how I've been doing lately.

    Now a question for you Blake ladies: Do you put your valuables (wallet,etc) in the middle section? or do you put then in the zippered part and put something you need to grab easily in the middle part? I'm leaning toward valuables in the zippered part as I don't have to grab for wallet that often and it would be safer there.
  14. I keep my wallet and agenda in the zippered section, my mobile, keys, lipgloss, and other things I get out frequently in the center section.
  15. I tend to put my wallet in the zippered section (when I am being good.....I sometimes stick it in the open section) and other things (a book, keys, gloss, etc.) in the middle. There is seriously so much room in the Blake. I love that I can carry some other things that I usually put into a separate tote (magazine, knitting, an apple!)

    The best thing about you purchasing it at Nordstrom is if you change your mind, you can return it with no hassle. Even if it's a month or more down the line.