broke my ban...with a bit of VIOLETTE (*lots* of pix!)

  1. ok, so I was supposed to be on a ban this year (i've purchased my entire LV collection in last 5 months), but after seeing people's pics I just HAD to get this lil cutie!! Couldn't wait long since it was LE, and many stores only had one of each color. I promised DH this is the LAST LV item I am buying this year. I even sold some old textbooks on Amazon to fund this baby (felt so bad for spending so much $$ lately). :biggrin:

    Anyways, this morning I called Hollywood LV and they had ONE of these there in the violette. I put it on hold, and in a few hours, it was mine! :yahoo:

    Here are some pics. Love the color. Like pomme and amarante, it looks very different in different lighting.

    cute little box

    Pochette Cles, in Violette! :nuts: color looks pink here from bright sunlight.

    another pic, showing the "sparkle" in the vernis

    this is more like the true color (was taken in the shade)
  2. Oh I love it! Super cute, totally worth breaking the ban for! Congrats and enjoy!
  3. You always take such great pics! Congrats on the new addition!
  4. more pix, just to illustrate how much it can hold. like others have said, this one can hold A LOT more than the regular cles (i have one in amarante).

    this one can open much wider

    with keychain thingy taken out

    there's also a side pocket to put cards, bills in

    this cles can easily fit 10 cards in main "compartment" (my regular vernis cles can only fit 3 comfortably)

    can easily fit 3 cards in side pocket (can fit more, but it would bulge too much)
  5. Love it!
    congrats and enjoy!
  6. I love this color and I am not a purple person, gorgeous!
  7. Congrats! It's such a nice colour. Thank you for sharing the pictures.
    I got a call from my SA telling me that she's holding both the pomme and violette for me. I thought I like the pomme more. But after seeing your pictures I really can't decide. Have to see them IRL to be sure.
  8. Congrats!!! It holds a ton. You have a great collection and I can see that you are a huge fan of Vernis. Love your every Vernis piece.
  9. ok, my last batch of pix. :biggrin:

    i love how this *teeny* little brass stud has "Louis Vuitton" imprinted on it (it's REALLY small so cant' really see it from the pic, but it's there!)

    love the nameplate. this picture (out of all the ones I've posted here) probably shows the true color of the violette the best.

    and last but not least, the new cles with my Pomme Houston :love:

    alright, that's it for now...from now on i'll have to enjoy new LV purchases vicariously thru everyone else here :p keep the pics coming..i love drooling over everyone's new miroir hearts and cosmetic cases! :tup:
  10. Congrats! Great pics!
  11. good purchace, nice pictures!!
  12. yay, congrats, it's gorgeous! Is it really LE? sad.....

    p.s. glad to hear I'm not the only one breaking their ban!
  13. So pretty! :party:
  14. thanks everyone for such kind comments! you guys are so nice :tpfrox:

    and yeah, i'm surprised this is LE, it seems so functional and useful, price isn't bad too ($275+tax)

    and the pomme was really nice too, but i figured i'd go for some variety, since i already had the Ludlow and Houston in pomme.

    BTW, yesterday I was at the Beverly Center, they had one in Pomme and one in Amarante (they only got one of each). They hadn't gotten any in violette yet. I had put myself on the waitlist but I was so impatient to get it (am I bad or what! lol) that I just called other store to see if they had it. LV Hollywood/Highland had it, so I just got it from there. Apparently this was their only LE pochette cles in violette. Don't know if/when they or Bev Center be getting any more.
  15. Absolutely exquisite!
    I love vernis!