Broke My Ban...again!!!

  1. I've actually posted my family picture already....but these bags show up and tempt you and you just have to buy more!
    YES :crybaby:I broke my ban.....but I can't help going :woohoo::wlae::yahoo:
    because I received my new bag today.
    Thanks to Michele and Nathalie and all at the authenticate this forum.
    Here's my new ban breaking bag!!!!
    DSCN1021.JPG DSCN1019.JPG
  2. And I took this in my kid's excuse the background!
  3. Wow gf, she looks so good on you. Actually I'm glad you broke your ban for this. I know how much you've wanted a bag in this colour and how long you've contemplated over getting a baby cabas. Heheee. I've said this a million times but we're really bad influence on one another! :roflmfao::roflmfao:
    Once again, congrats! When's her debut? You have to show me IRL!!!
  4. congrats, it's lovely! and I totally understand - no matter what I do, I just cannot stay on my bans!!!
  5. Kimalee, thanks so much.

    Hey there A!! Thanks for being there when I hyperventilated after winning the auction. And also through the wait for the bag!!! I like to think that we support each other through all the shopping! LOL....
  6. Congrats,it's very,very nice. For me,bans are good until I start seeing pics
    around here. Then it's like ban,what ban? lol.
  7. [​IMG]



    Hey babe:heart:, u look GORGEOUS on her:tup:

    Congrats, i'm so glad u got her as i know you wanted this and i can understand abt breakin our purse ban, which we can't resist with such temptation, isn't it?? ally said, we are bad influence from one another...LOL:graucho::graucho:
  8. Thanks PurseCrazy - I've decided the way to go is not to be on a ban, so I don't have to break it!!!

    Hey Celia - thanks so much...and we do influence each other terribly, don't we :graucho:
  9. This was so worth breaking your ban for! The color is very beautiful and it looks perfect on you! :girlsigh:

    Congratulations and enjoy!
  10. I agree with Nathalie and worth breaking the ban. It's so pretty and looks wonderful on you. Congrats.
  11. It wasn't a bad idea to break your ban!!!!

    Lovely bag! Congrats!
  12. Yay! What good is a ban without breaking it !? gorgeous cabas, congrats!!!!!!:wlae:
  13. Yes you did! And its so worth it! GORGEOUS bag! I understand why you couldn't pass this up!
  14. great looking bag and it looks great on you.congrats.
  15. Is this the silver? I love this color. I love my cabas and get compliments on it all the time. It's one of my favorite bags! looks great on you!