Broke My Ban...Again!

  1. Soooo, I've been eyeing this for a while and I keep going back and forth about whether or not I should get it and if I should get black or gunmetal. Then today I see has the black marked down even further to $99!! I couldn't pass it up! If I don't like it, I'll just send it back. But at least I won't have to wonder any more!
  2. It's really cool! I bet the gun metal looks neat too. Who makes it?
  3. It's by Hype. Yes, the gunmetal is nice too, but it's only on Bluefly and is $195. I wasn't sure how often I would wear a metallic-colored purse, but I know I'll get more than my money's worth from the black. I've seen several postings from ladies who've purchased Hype bags and they've all been positive.
  4. WOW!! That's a great deal!! Congrats!!! I think I'm going to pick one up too!
  5. Be sure to post if you do!
  6. Post pictures when you get yours! I wonder is it's really as wide as the pictures shows it.
  7. id say worth breaking a ban for :smile:
  8. That's an awesome deal! Totally worth breaking the ban for!
  9. That's such a great deal, it's like you really didn't break your ban, you know?:happydance: I think it's like a free pass. Enjoy your new cute free pass!
  10. OMG $99? I could afford that right now. But I want one of those pea coats at American Eagle. Gah! What to do :roflmfao:
  11. Oh I love it! I may have to get one too!! ;)
  12. Well, my Costa Del Sol arrived today and I must admit I was disappointed. It's a nice bag, just too big for me in person. It smelled funny...but I could've aired it out easily enough. I just didn't do anything for me when I held it. So it will go back tomorrow. It's a nicely made bag...just didn't give me butterflies ya know?

    Sorry the pics weren't's been a long day.
    CostaDelSol.jpg Costa2.jpg
  13. Sorry it didn't work out for you...but now you haven't broken your ban!
  14. :graucho:What a great way to think about it!
  15. Yeah, you're right! I feel better now. :smile: