broke down and went to elux!

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  1. I like the Priscilla and Eliza. And of course the Alma and the speedy. I think I really LOVE the Prisilla! WHat are everyone's thoughts? (and it's less then the speedy) so i can still save $$
  2. I have the speedy and it's great--I carry it everywhere. It hold so much stuff, and isn't bulky. The Alma is nice too, but it was too big for me so I sold it--I found myself carrying the Speedy all the time, as the Alma collected dust.
  3. You need to go for what you love. If you really love and want a MC Speedy, get it. You'll be better off in the long run.
  4. I love the priscilla and eliza, you don't see them as much, the eliza may be kinda small though......and it depends if you want a hand held, the eliza you can at least put on your shoulder.....
  5. :nuts: Oh yes, Priscilla is a wonderful choice ,I like this more than the Speedy:smile:
  6. Cant wait to finally see what you get...
  7. woo hoo!!!! a sense a new addication coming on... elux website!!! hehehe!!! cant wait to see what you get!!! woo hoo!!! yeah go for the Speedy!!!
  8. I know you want that speedy, so go for it! You absolutely have to love something to spend that kind of $$, kwim?
  9. Get your first choice, don't pick a cheaper one and regret it later.
  10. I think I might be the Priscilla, because Speedys are popular, so alot more people have them and I think I might like it better! I am going to stare at them for a bit and decide.
  11. The priscilla is a cute bag but quite small....I love the eliza (but really small too) ..I vote for MC speedy :heart:
  12. I love my MC speedy! It was the purse that got me into LV! I say go for that one if you truely love it. I kept thinking about getting one and finally grabbed one in eBay that was in great condition for almost 50% less than the price on elux. I can help you look for a good one on eBay, if you would like some help. Just PM me :yes:
  13. Definitely go for something you love.
  14. Go for a speedy, yay
  15. PRISCILLA!!!!! I love it :tender:
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