Broadway to use as a baby bag

  1. Hi All! Just wondering people's thoughts on using the Broadway for a diaper bag. I like how it crosses the body, has 2 front pockets and also a few compartments once opened. What do you all think? TIA!:shrugs:
  2. I heard that the Broadway is difficult to get into. I like cross body bags to have a back zipper, have you seen the Melville Messenger (the big one). I would suggest that one if you're looking for a Damier bag.
  3. Oh yea I like that one too! Just wanted something that would wear well and look great. I like all the compartments with the Melville!
  4. yeah!! the Melville is very practical. It would work well for you since it has pockets in the front and back!
  5. I have the Broadway. It is a little difficult to get into if you put the straps through the little buckle things everytime you use it. I use it for class though and usually leave them unbuckled and can get into it quite easily. I could see it working for a diaper bag as well. It's stylish, you should get it :yes:.
  6. I have it but I do not think it is practical as a baby bag as it is hard to get in and out of the bag due to the straps.

    It's also a very structured bag so it would not fit around your things if you get what I mean.

    I used it mainly for school and now have passed it on to my bf to use for work instead.
  7. I myself have an issue with flap messengers- they're all to hard to access IMO. I much prefer a ziptop like the reporter or Naviglio.