Broadway or Olav MM?

  1. Ok... so I'm on a hunt for a new messenger... I am tired of using my Abbesses... :noworry: So, I want a new messenger for college this summer. So the question is this: Should I get a Broadway or an Olav MM? The Broadway is $935 and the Olav MM is $1,060. I can't decide!!! :rant: Or if someone in this awesome forum has either bags... how do you like it? Does it fit a lot of things inside?


    Also for my next purchases... I would like to get a Damier Pocket Agenda with Refills [$180 + $40], San Sebastian Mules [$285], Suhali Cles in Geranium [$270], and a tee. Hmmm... not sure about the cles though... would I use it? Y'alls opinions? Yay or Nay?

    Pocket Agenda:

    San Sebastian Mules:

    Geranium Suhali Cles (obviously blue in this pic) :

    Thanks y'all. :amuse:
  2. Pics?
    And as for cles, I use mine ALL the time. It's attached to my car keys and has some change in it for coffee, etc.
  3. I like the Broadway a lot- the front pockets must make it oh-so-functional. I've never been an Olav fan- ugly name and akward shape. (the first pic is broadway, second is olav)

    I love the Damier Geant messengers too!
    broadway.jpg olav.jpg
  4. Ya... that's what caught my attention when I glaced at it at the store 2 weeks ago... the pockets.

    The little zipper pocket [?] in front of the Olav looks unique... that's why I like the Olav... because of the unique shape. I haven't seen anyone carrying it. :cool:
  5. i adore the broadway and i was concidering getting it but the buckle straps are easily ruined/gather from the design! so its a short term, light use bag definately not suitable for college! ill come back with some sugfgestions later
  6. I also perfer the Damier Geant messenger bags. Cuter IMO, also if you're planning to use the pocket agenda as a wallet, bad idea. Money doesn't fit unless you fold it. Get the Porte Valeurs instead =) I've had the pocket agenda but I ended up getting the Valeurs.
  7. I like the Design of the Olav MM a lot, but you have to keep in mind that A4 papers almost won't fit in

    the broadway reminds me too much of an elementary school bag...
  8. Hmmm... the Porte Valeurs... thanks for the suggestion. Seems a little too big... although it is .5 inches bigger both horizontally and vertically than the Pocket Agenda... still. :sad: I was planning on using the Pocket Agenda as it was meant to be used... as an agenda. :amuse: I'm still going to use my Pte. Billets Cartes Bleue as a wallet.
  9. The Boadway For School

    Yes To The Cles
  10. the Broadway,,,,,,,,,,
  11. broadway!!!
    and the cles is so cute!!!
  12. The Broadway looks more functional and practical... However the Olav looks more unique.... so hard to choose

  13. Oh haha, I just know that a lot of people use it as a wallet. I had it as an agenda but I never wrote in it =( Wasted 40 bucks on just the paper but I like the way the Myrtille Pocket Agenda looks =)
  14. Oooh I ADORE the Broadway!!! You must get that one :love: As for the clés, it's way cute and I'm sure you're gonna find a use for it :amuse:
  15. I think the Brodway is a lot better looking - not a fan of the Olav apart from the name ;) I imagine that the Olav must be a bit weird to carry, but that's just my speculation since I've never really tried one on.