Travel Broadway musical in December

Sep 14, 2007
Have heard decent things about South Pacific. We LOVED Jersey boys. The day we went we saw Victoria and David Beckham and Tom and Katie Cruise with their children. Show was fantastic. We also liked In the Heights which is very "New York-y".
Mar 14, 2006
depends on what your taste, do you want something really classic and always good like phantom or wicked, or something new with lots of buzz? everyone I know (and I work in theater) loves next to normal , and I've personally seen in the heights two times, it's that good.

and if you want something even newer but really great, there is fela! , or the more traditional a little night music which just opened and stars catherine zeta jones.


Nov 28, 2006
We saw Spring Awakening last night (in Los Angeles) and it is really good. I am not sure if it is still on Broadway....

WARNING about Spring Awakening is there is nudity and adult content... May be shocking.

My all time favorite play is RENT but it is no longer on Broadway.


Feb 29, 2008
I can be a fairly critical "reviewer" when it comes to Broadway musicals.
I was blown away by the production of Mary Poppins.
There is often at least one performer that makes me cringe, at some point in the performance;but not the cast I saw. They were fantastic, and I would see it again in a heartbeat!

Have fun!

Lady Stardust

Je m'en foutiste
Nov 28, 2009
Phantom of the Opera is my absolute favorite, I've seen it 4 times, met the guy who played the phantom before the new guy took over, it's just amazing, I recommend it hands down over all the others. Also right now they're having some kind of sale where the prices are seriously reduced I think it's running until the end of the month or the 15th. I haven't seen too many of the newer ones but In The Next Room is getting non stop rave reviews here. I have no idea what it's about though lol