Broad shoulders

  1. I have broad shoulders and they make me feel uncomfortable, unfeminine, and less confident when I wear certain clothing. (I used to swim RELIGIOUSLY for 7 years) I have no choice but to accept the fact that they're part of me and I can't really do anything about it.

    Anyone else have broad shoulders? If you lift weights, do you work out your shoulders also? Will that make your shoulders bigger or just more toned?
  2. I am very board. I have a large frame so my shoulders are not the result of anything other than genetics. I do work out my shoulders to tone them. The only time I feel uncomfortable about my size is when I am shopping with alot of girlfriends. I am broad in many areas, so much of the clothes do not fit me. Over the years I have come to accept the way I am. I work out religiously. I have figured out what styles of clothes look best on me. I have also realized that with my build comes great strength. I am a very strong woman. By no means looks like a body builder, just naturally strong. So instead of looking at it as getting the short end of the genetic stick, I look at as getting the strong end

    I have to add: My 5 year old DD is built just like me, but will probably be bigger (approx 6 feet). She has been off the growth chart since birth. It makes me very proud to be a woman of stature and teach her that this is an asset. Be Proud
  3. I have broad shoulders!! I HATE them, but have no choice but to accept them. I try to stay away from strapless tops and bikinis. Puffed sleeves are also iffy.
  4. Be proud of your athletic body! You sound like you are in great shape, and I think that is much more attractive than a mushy skin-and-bones type with wimpy, narrow shoulders.

    A close friend of mine was also a swimmer and has very broad shoulders. She is also 6' tall and used to hate her size, but now she totally owns it, and it shows! She is very sexy and strong--just like you. :smile:

    I am petite (5'3'' 98/99 lbs), and though I've never been a swimmer, my shoulders are relatively broad. I work out a lot, and my back has a V-shape to it (small waist, wider shouders). I've been doing a lot of core stability work, and it's really toned up all my muscles without adding bulk. Try it!
  5. I was born with very wide shoulders and a wide upper back. It's tricky sometimes getting tops that don't pull across that area. It's funny, though, b/c I don't think anyone else ever notices it.
  6. I have that and fat arms too
    hate my body
  7. I've swam competitively throughout elementary & H.S. w/ few breaks in between. Butterfly was my main stroke, and I think that helped add to my broad shoulders. We had weights @ 5am in the h.s. weight room before 0 period, than swam 2.5 hrs after school, even on the weekends.

    That being almost 7 yrs ago... the weight piled on with the freshman (college) 15+ lbs. I'm tackling my overall weight right now... and I have noticed that my upper arms have shrank... slightly, but the broadness is still there. My next step is to buy lighter weights, and start resistance (rubberbands) training. I think the key is to tone w/ a comfortable weight, and not to build by adding more weight... if that makes sense:push:.

    Having broad shoulders & a chest... makes it a wee bit challenged to buy cute tops. I have to go up a size sometimes.. just because I'm not comfortable w/ tighter fitted tops. Your not alone!!! I'm glad you posted this.. because for awhile there.. I thought I was the only broad shouldered gal out there~!
  8. I wish I DID have broad shoulders, or shoulders period! I have narrow, sloping shoulders that ruin the line of everything I wear. I was so rockin' the 80's and early 90's when shoulder pads were in fashion. Not the ones that make you look like a linebacker, but the smaller ones that balanced me out. I'm one size on the top and one size larger on the bottom, not quite pear shaped, but close. Even though I do carry myself with good posture and confidence, a touch of shoulder pad always made me look more confident and poised. It killed me when shoulder pads were phased out. :girlsigh:

    It's really fun too when you have no shoulders and play the violin. I have biceps that look like I pump iron every day. Talk about a fashion dilemma! Narrow shoulders, ample bust line and big biceps. Doesn't work with all the slim fitting clothing that's been out the past few years. :biguns:

    Enjoy your shoulders, Ladies. You could have it like me....
  9. I have broad shoulders, but am lucky to be blessed with a large bosom too. It helps give an hourglass shape to the overall image. I wear a lot of knits and camis, think 1950s sweater-girl. Knits are good for broad-shouldered girls.
  10. I have broad shoulders & I didn't like them at all. I learned to accept them because I have no choice...all the females on my dads side have them. They are good for carrying shoulder bags! LOL
  11. Swimmers are hot. That's all :smile:
  12. I guess it depends on what you want to do with your shoulders. If you have some fat weight lifting is great for losing fat. So mayube you can try doing lighter weights and higher reps. That is supposed to tone.

    Be proud you are an athletic girl! I would love to be able to say yeah, I was a swimmer. :smile:
  13. sorry for double posting...
  14. if you ask me i'd say broad shoulders are hot. i preffer them to narrow shoulders...
  15. ok, now I understand why people ask me if I'm a swimmer - I have broad shoulders:push: I've always been like this and I guess there's not much to do, but I'm glad to hear I'm not the only woman in the world with this problem.

    I think I look just horrible if I wear racer back tanks... and I cant stand shoulder paddings on jackets, makes me look ridiculous.