Broaches, Hair clips & Pins

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  1. Do any of you Ladies & Gentlemen use the following accessories
    Broaches, Hair clips and Pins ?

    How do you wear them ?

    I personally don't use any of them for myself, but I do for work.
  2. i don't wear brooches (only cuz i don't own any....i've never really been drawn to them) but i do looooooove hair clips......i have a huge collection of hair clips/pins and use one almost every day.....mostly to hold back bangs but also just as decorative accents :P.........i usually don't wear much jewelry because i spend all day adjusting it and so i think accessorizing your hair is a great alternative
  3. I use pins all the time! just to put parts of my hair back without an elastic, so its more invisible and interesting.
    I also put hair bands in.
  4. I use hair bands if i have it up and barettes if I'm doing something where i'm moving and don't want my bangs to get in the way
  5. I use hairpins, clips, headbands, ponytail bands at home all the time or when I'm exercising. In public, hardly at all, maybe a ponytail band. I usually wear hats or a scarf headband. As for brooches, I own a few antique black ones but, I hardly wear them....maybe on a hat once in a bluemoon.
  6. hair clips to pull back my bangs when it gets in my way while working... and that's about it!
  7. I have a lot of brooches and wear them on cardigans, blazers, coats, to hold a scarf together. My grandmother wore them all the time and when she passed away I inherited many of them. My favorite is a cameo that her brother brought to her from Italy during the war. I always think of her when I wear them.
  8. I love broaches and hairclips! I don't have many broaches but I do like cameo broaches a lot. I clip them onto blazers to make it look less dull. As for hairclips, I have A LOT. I collect them just because they're so cute. Usually, I clip them in my hair to hold my bangs back.
  9. I use them more so for a formal event.
  10. I have some but don't use them. *sigh* I should though eh?
  11. WHen i get hair updos for special events, i think they use pins on me. I use pin and do ponytail when im at home. I use hairclips sometimes.
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