Brittny Gastineau's Outfit


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Jan 31, 2006
For Brittny Gastineau's birthday party in Miami last november, she wore this AMAZINGLY HOT TOP to a dinner & later to Mansion Nightclub.

It was a beige top with lots of crystals---backless & it has "big holes" like a fishnet pattern. She wore it with jeans.

Does anyone know where she got it??? Which designer made it????

Thanx y'all !!!!
I know what top you are thinking about! ahhh its so hot. I saw it in Oxygen in Bal harbor while I was in Miami a couple of weeks ago. Call them. It was soo hot!!! I would get it but I have a huge chest a 34D and I am very small boned and short so it would look ridiculous on me. But go for it!
Hey Minnie....

Thanx so much for refering me to that store. I called them & they sent me a picture of a rhinestone top BUT it was not exactly as sexy as the one that Brittny Gastineau wore for her birthday. Sigh...

The one at the store was a racerback instead of a halter v-plunge like the one on brittny.

Wonder where she got hers at??? I even tried Nurielle; but they said that it wasn't their design either. :sad2: :sad2: :sad2: :sad2: :sad2: :sad2:
Good idea---i tried calling back but no one picked up this time. Maybe it's closed already. But she did mention the name but i can't re-call since it was a very long foreign name.
Okayyy... got it---- Designer PACO RABANNE... but it's soooo hard to find anything about him on the net! Besides, i'm not even sure if thats the same designer that did Brittny's outfit. sucks!!!