Brittny Gastineau's Outfit

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  1. For Brittny Gastineau's birthday party in Miami last november, she wore this AMAZINGLY HOT TOP to a dinner & later to Mansion Nightclub.

    It was a beige top with lots of crystals---backless & it has "big holes" like a fishnet pattern. She wore it with jeans.

    Does anyone know where she got it??? Which designer made it????

    Thanx y'all !!!!
  2. do you have a photo?
  3. I know what top you are thinking about! ahhh its so hot. I saw it in Oxygen in Bal harbor while I was in Miami a couple of weeks ago. Call them. It was soo hot!!! I would get it but I have a huge chest a 34D and I am very small boned and short so it would look ridiculous on me. But go for it!
  4. Makes Sense She Got It In Miamis's Bal Harbor And Wore It In Miami. Good Luck!
  5. Hey Minnie....

    Thanx so much for refering me to that store. I called them & they sent me a picture of a rhinestone top BUT it was not exactly as sexy as the one that Brittny Gastineau wore for her birthday. Sigh...

    The one at the store was a racerback instead of a halter v-plunge like the one on brittny.

    Wonder where she got hers at??? I even tried Nurielle; but they said that it wasn't their design either. :sad2: :sad2: :sad2: :sad2: :sad2: :sad2:
  6. Did you find out the brand of the top Oxygen had? Maybe its the same designer and you can search by that.
  7. Good idea---i tried calling back but no one picked up this time. Maybe it's closed already. But she did mention the name but i can't re-call since it was a very long foreign name.
  8. Okayyy... got it---- Designer PACO RABANNE... but it's soooo hard to find anything about him on the net! Besides, i'm not even sure if thats the same designer that did Brittny's outfit. sucks!!!
  9. Maybe she is on the forum and she will tell us. Oh Britney yooohoo. Where are you??? lol If i see it somewhere ill let you know. Sorry.
  10. I saw that outfit. It takes a brave, outgoing girl to pull it off!
  11. How old is that girl?
  12. 22? 23?
  13. That's what I thought.. because her mom said she went to college to be a party planner. Right?