1. This is what i've managed to collect in just 3 months since I got my first LV July 13th 2007..

    ...also am due to recieve in the mail any day now:

    -Fuscia Perfo Plat

    -New Multicolor Leonor

    -New Cerises Speedy 25
    -New Cerises Wallet
    -New Cerises Rond

    I will deff. UPDATE you guys when i recieve them all!!



  2. Very nice- love the lockit and MC speedy!
  3. Beautiful collection! Can't wait to see your new arrivals.
  4. love it!!
  5. I just recieved the Fuscia Perfo Plat, Its SOO much nicer than I imagined I it's a decent size but I wish they made them bigger---I will post pics of it when I recieve the Cerises Speedy, wallet and Rond.
  6. nice are lucky:yes:
  7. I like your kitty, too!
  8. that's a great collection, especially in only 3 months! looks like the beginning of a love affair! enjoy your bags in excellent health!
  9. 3 months? Wow, you are fast! Beautiful collection.
  10. nice collection i love rita
  11. very nice MC LV!
  12. Nice collection!
  13. Love your collection Brittany.
  14. Nice collection!!! THanks for sharing!
  15. cute collection! And you're kitty's adorable