Britt medium tote...


    Does anyone have this bag??? I tried this bag on today and FELL IN LOVE with it....then looked at the price $1850...??!!!! GOODNESS I guess i was expecting this bag to be less because it Definately DOES NOT look like it costs 1850!!!! Anyway for those who have this bag, how do you like it/how does it hold up/is it easy to take care of? Easier than the canvas? All my bags are canvas thats why and i have to be so careful with them >_< want a leather bag but all are So Expensive!!!
  2. i just ordered this bag from Nordstroms on SALE for $1199!! This is the bag that i have been wanting since summer but never got it, i always ended up with something else [black leather indy, then LV neo cabby gm] soooooo i was soooo happy when REALLIFEDOLL posted the gucci Nordstrom sale thread. I saw the pic and jumped on it right away!! I guess it was meant for me to wait and get it afterall. I love this bag, my FAV gucci bag so far. Very easy to use and great for everyday. I think my indy is more of a show bag, Not something you take shopping [getting in and out of is a pain & it's heavy] My sister in law has this bag in the platinum leather and she took it on vacation while we were in mexico and it was perfect. I was sooo jealous, dying inside lol. But it looked sooo cute on her. She mainly wore it cross body, like a messenger. Very very cute!!! I did buy it in the platinum as well but returned it for the indy. The platinum was so bling, the black is more practical. But yeah, sorry so long.. hehe i'll post pics when it gets here. Nordies will ship out on Monday because that's their actual sale date. I can't wait!!! :yahoo:
  3. OMG they sell GUCCI at Nordstroms???? WHAT!!!! Oh my goodness i hope it's still on sale..let me check out the link you posted...

    i wonder if they are still avail...if not can i still find them anywhere else at this sale price?
  4. i looked on and they didnt have any GUCCI on the website!!! HELP!! i REALLY REALLY WANT THIS BAG!!! =) THANKS FOR THE POST!!

    do i have to call the lady that she listed on the post? marie allen? im so lost!!
  5. ^They only sell Gucci at certain Nordstrom locations, so you can either call the one listed in the post or one of the others that carry Gucci.
  6. I just saw this same bag at a Saks Off 5th outlet at the Franklin Mills Outlet outside of Philadelphia on Friday. If I remember correctly, I think the price was $899. Plus you could open a saks account if you don't have one and get more $$$ off. I think they had it in black and brown and they had a lot of them.
  7. ^^Gosh that is a HUGE price difference! How do they get away with that...?
  8. Are you being serious, do you know if they had the large Britt Tote?
  9. I love this bag! I hope you get it and post lots of pictures.
  10. really??!! OH MY GOD!!! do you think all the saks outlets have this bag? and only for 899?? WOW!!! should i just call the outlets??thanks for the info!
  11. Armanigirl - good luck....oooh, I hope you get it! Yes, call the outlet where I saw it. Now I'm kicking myself for not buying one. I had my husband with me so staying to drool over them was not an option! I believe they had black and brown. They were on a stand-alone rack with a Gucci sign and the one I picked up - that looks just like your picture - was $899. I have no idea if they do charge sends, but you could try.

    They all looked to be in great shape with dustbags and original tags.

    Again, it was the Saks Off 5th outlet store located in Philadelphia, PA at the Franklin Mills outlet center.

    Please let me know the outcome.
  12. BaltimoreJenny,

    Thanks so much for the great tip....there's actually a Off Saks here in San diego and i called them right when i saw your post...i live about 15 mins away from them and the SA didn't really know what the bag was called but the way she describe dthe bag, it sounded like the Britt medium i drive my excited self over there at 90mph (lol) and arrive at Off Saks...1 hr before the close!...i make my way over the Handbags section and didn't even see the Gucci rack because the bags were all thrown around everywhere..anyway, i saw the bag and it's werid coz you said it was $899 there?? well over here it's $1299 !!!!! i was willing to buy it for that price but as i was INSPECTING the bag (b/c you know how we bag lovers are)....the thread at the top was fringing a little....then i turned the bag around and on the back side there was a DISCOLORATIon of the black leather to some weird color that i cant even first i thought it was the lighting but it wasn' was a stain or it looked like some acetone (nail polish remover) rubbed on it or it removed the black leather color..anyway, after trying it on, i decided NOT to get it because if i pay over $1000 for a bag it better be in perfect condition regardless if it's already at a discounted price!!!! I even asked if they had a new one at the back but they didn' was their last one..

    anyway i suggest you get that bag if you really want it! and you say it was in a perfect condition!!! i didn't call the outlet in your location because i wasted all my time trying to track one down over in my city...I will definately try to call them tomorrow...!!! Let us know if you will go back to the outlet and get the bag!!!! i say get it it's GORGEOUS!!! just be sure there are no stains or messed up threads/etc... for $899 it's definately worth it if it's in great condition!!!

  13. DO you remember if you saw this one?!! I will be calling them manana!
  14. Ok, if you guys buy one at OFF 5th, go to the deals and steals forum... there's an additional 30% off coupon.. you can use now through Dec. 5th!!!

    Here's the link:::

    Yes, someone else had mentioned they saw the leather britt bags at other off 5th's. I called and inquired about them at a location in Charlotte, NC but the style number wasn't the same. I couldn't let a good sale pass me, so i went ahead and bought it at the Nordstrom's sale, and did a charge send with a gift card. I would hate to pass it up and then not be able to find one at Off 5th.

    Sorry i couldn't get back to you sooner Armanigirl, i hope you and Cherubicanh find the bags ya'll are looking for. Good Luck!! keep us posted