Britt medium tote right for me? Help!

  1. Hi Ladies,
    I'm looking for a bag to use when out shopping and for city trips. The bag has to have a detachable shoulder strap and should be fairly discreet.
    I'm thinking the Britt medium tote in black leather might be a good idea. It has a detachable strap so I could wear it cross-body and if I wear the bag with the logo towards my body it would be very discreet.
    The next Gucci boutique isn't very close to where I live, so I might end up ordering it over
    I read that there are some ladies who own this bag who had a problem with color fading. Is this still the case with this bag?
    Are the handles long enough to wear over the shoulder? Is the bag comfortable to carry? How does the leather hold up in general?
    Please tell me everything about this bag.
    TIA :flowers:
  2. are you referring to this bag? I have it.. i bought it on sale in November from Nordstroms. I've been using it on and off since, and it's holding up great. I really like this style alot. The top handles are adjustable as well and can fit over the shoulders comfortably. The messenger strap is long enough to be used cross body as well. It's a great, classic bag to have in one's collection. i really do love it. I haven't experienced leather fading on this bag but i did on the corners of my chocalate guccissima hobo. The leather on this bag is really really nice and soft. Can't say enough about it.

    gucci1.jpg IMG_1905.jpg IMG_1906.jpg
  3. That's the bag I meant! Thanks for the info. The interior is pretty! I really ought to get this bag...:graucho:
  4. I agree :yes: - I have the same bag from a Gucci store - the only ting is that it can´t fit over my shoulders comfortably
  5. ^^do you think it's set at the shortest setting? I have mine at the very last hole.
  6. wow queen, i just clicked on your link.. and i love your vintage gucci wallets!!!
  7. You're welcome Dee, Let us know what you decide and of course PICS!!!

  8. I always did like this style.
  9. FYI, I saw this bag a few weeks ago in Wrentham at the Off 5th Ave outlet. I think it was brown? but it was very discouned, I can't remeember the exact price. They had several of them, though, don't know if they'd have more but the sales people are VERY nice and would probably tell you over the phone. Wrentham is is MA... just google "chelsea premium outlets" if you want to find them.

    Good luck deciding!
  10. No, but I am a normal big Scandinavian girl. I love to have my bags on my shoulder, but this woun´t :sad:
  11. Thanks, Soxfan. But I'm in Germany, so that outlet is out of question for me...
    I'm 99% sure that I'll get this bag, but I'll wait till next month when I'm in a city where there's a Gucci store. I'd rather look at the bag at the store than buy it over the Gucci website.
    Thanks for your input, Ladies! I promise I'll post pics when I get it.
  12. Oh, yes I like the black Blondie very, very much I enjoy it every day.:love:

    I will make a new pic of my gucci´s with my Britt :sweatdrop:
  13. I just tried again on my shoulder, with a thin t-shirts it´s ok. :yes:
  14. ^^good job queen!!! :tup: