Britt Large Boston bag

  1. Hey Gucci ladies: I'm thinking about getting this bag in brown with green/red webbing accent. Anybody own it? Anybody have any problems with it? I'd love to see more IRL pics! :flowers:

    Britt Large Boston.jpg
  2. Ive been looking for this in PINK..anyone remember the spring AD campaign..I KNOW I saw it in pink..Am I NUTS?
  3. Possibly. :nuts: LOL!!!!!

    I've never seen it in pink--just black, brown, silver, "sand" beige, and possibly white--but I'm no Gucci expert.
  4. Wait, I take it back. Maybe you're not nuts Jill. I just found this old thread ( in which a member said this:

    "Yes, it's from the Cruise line. It comes in Black,Sand guccissima(kinda of butter pecan like ice cream),rose ostrich,ivory w/gold & green stripe. and metallic gold. The large bag is 1470 small 1200 and the Guccissima 1295 small and the large 1595. FYI small is very small. I'll post pics of me holding it. Here are a couple of the colors from the Vanity Fair book:New Gucci in Vanity Fair"
  5. AH HA!!!!!!!!!!!
    Im NOT NUTS????????? NO???
    Its a great bag..Love the collection..get one!
  6. I have this bag in brown and beige and absolutely love it!!