Brits new man - Cris Angel

  1. This boy is making is rounds with young Hollywood. I use to like him, not anymore....

    Just when it seems Britney Spears can't dig a deeper hole for herself, the tabloids break out their collective excavation equipment and plumb new depths of her sadly spiraling life.
    The self-control-lacking starlet is the cover girl of no fewer than four tabs this week, with tales ranging from her supposed snuggle-bunnies with a former assistant to her alleged maternal missteps.
    The stories will likely provide more ammunition to ex-husband Kevin Federline, who has been serving subpoenas to Spears' current and former minions to compel them to testify as part of his bid to get primary custody of Sean Preston, 23 months, and Jayden James, 11 months.
    But in typical id-driven Brit fashion, she isn't letting an escalating legal fight or an evisceration by the so-called "false tabloids" get in the way of her good time.
    Paparazzi caught her at a Beverly Hills, Calif., hotel in the early hours of Thursday morning with "Mindfreak" illusionist Criss Angel, who's not exactly known for keeping his exploits with high-profile women to himself (his cringe-inducing gushing about Cameron Diaz led her to be dragged into his bitter divorce battle).

    Us reports the coif-challenged pair were hand-in-hand as they made their way up to a suite on the 11th floor.

    "Britney was very obviously in a good mood and she seemed entranced by Criss," a shutterbug tells photo agency
    The tube-dress-bedecked cautionary tale reportedly joined the hirsute prestidigitator for an hour-long drive in his chauffeur-driven Rolls-Royce Phantom before heading up to the room.
    But is Angel, who's previously been linked to Paris Hilton and Minnie Driver, really interested in the embattled, meltdown-prone mommy of two?
    X17 believes they met up to discuss Spears' rumored "comeback" performance at the Las Vegas-set MTV Video Music Awards on Sept. 9, with Angel supposedly set to work his magic with her onstage.
    While it remains unclear whether the easily-distracted-by-bright-and-shiny-objects Brit-Brit got up close and personal with Angel's sleight-of-hand skills, it's a good bet her night out already has the tabloids salivating over next week's cover possibilities. And as we eagerly await (and inwardly dread) every icky detail, here are the latest Brit bits from the tabs:

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  2. Well he's making his rounds. What happened to him and Cameron Diaz?
  3. ^Not enough publicity? :shrugs:
  4. It's like they all run out of people to sleep with.
  5. okay. so I'll say it again.....

    Maybe he can make her disappear.
  6. ^^^^^^^^