Brits head...extensions free!!!

  1. it looks freshly washed and everything. nice, compared to what we're used to seeing from her.
  2. she looks normal for once!
  3. God, it looks great! Tint it a natural colour and it could be the first step on a much-needed journey to adulthood!
  4. ummm, she looks like my Granny now! LOL!
    She needs a new color.
  5. I'm not fond of the short hair on her...but at least it looks clean!:tup:
  6. Is that really her??? lol
  7. i think it looks ok.. is that her natrual hair color though?
  8. ITA
  9. Not too bad, better than those gross black extensions.
  10. omg, exactly what I was thinking. But now I figured that my grandma probably looks younger compared to Britney in this picture, definately she needs to get a different color, this doesn't suit her.

  11. [​IMG]

    She looks so OLD!!!

    and TIRED!
  12. OMG She looks like a normal person! An old normal person
  13. Her hair looks clean and soft. I hope she keeps it this way, and lets it grow naturally - Im not keen on the color though.