Brits get rich in China TV prog

  1. I caught this programme totally by accident last night. I am not too sure if it was a one off or it is a series. But, after watching it, you can see why certain markets should be avoided. They have whole cities which are exclusively dealing in one item, city of............ toilets, taps, bras, they didn't show any handbags, but, the whole idea is grasped very quickly when you see it. Besides the continual bad language of one of the "entrepreneurs" it was an eye opener. It was also how many people are sat ready for the next person to scam. Although, a couple of these people had been ripped off big time, they managed to turn the situations around.

    China: The Real Dragon's Den
    China's booming economy is a Holy Grail for risk-taking entrepreneurs. Every day intrepid Brits land there, seduced by wages of 20p an hour, dirt-cheap products and over a billion potential customers. But the Wild East is no place for the faint-hearted.
    Unleashed from 50 years of Communism, Chinese entrepreneurs are taking no prisoners in their own relentless quest for wealth, and only the toughest will survive... Acclaimed directors Alastair Cook and Rob Davis follow the dramatic missions of three British trailblazers as they try to make their fortunes in China: the real dragon's den.
    Tony Caldeira's once-thriving Merseyside cushion business has been ruined by cheap Chinese imports. In a desperate bid to save his company, he's borrowed two million pounds and flown out to China in an attempt to build a cushion factory in a paddy field.
    Dapper ex-colonel Peter Williams has spent his life savings on an energy-saving device that he thinks he can sell throughout China. If he pulls it off, he'll make hundreds of millions of pounds. But to many Chinese businessmen, he's just an English plum ripe for the picking. Will they rip off his device and send him home with his tail between his legs?
    And controversial kitchen retailer Vance Miller has built a huge business buying cheap products in China. But along the way, he says he has suffered a deluge of scams at the hands of his equally ruthless Chinese suppliers. On his fake "Olympic Inspection Committee" bus, he's on a tour of the country determined to crack down on those he says have crossed him.