Britons happy to own fakes

  1. Just found this article on the BBC news web site.

    Seems people in the UK generally don't really care as long as they think they are getting a bargin:cursing:
  2. URG!
    I know i read a article this morning in the Daily Mail saying Louis Vuitton is the most popular brand that is faked.
    They said it was Impossible to crack down on people with fakes but i think if they let boutique take fake bags away from people if they came in then i think that would help abit .
  3. I agree, if people go into a store to get a bag authenticated then it should be taken away from them - as a car would if it was found to be stolen. Also, LV should have a VERO rep on eBay to remove all the fake listings. I'm constantly suprised that they don't have one and it is left to us to report the listings to eBay.

    It makes me embarrassed to be british, but I'm sure that everywhere else has as many fakes as we do, if not more!
  4. Sometimes I think the only way that will be curbed is to get the police involved like they do in other countries...confiscate the fakes as they see them on the street. However there are so many potential problems I see in trying to enforce that (inexperienced people taking authentic ones away, lawsuits for privacy violations, etc.) that it just doesn't seem feasible. There does need to be something done about it though, I know it won't be obliterated completely but still...something to make people aware that it's a fake bag, not a bargain or the same thing as the one in the boutiques.
  5. I read this to :sad:

    I noticed it mention where funding of fakes go.

    I think the only way of tackling this is educating people on where their money will go after buying a fake. Maybe like hard-hitting advertisements relating it to trafficking or something...

    It would be impossible trying to obliterate the source.
  6. What is VERO?

  7. We definately have a lot of fakes here in the US as well! I was out shopping in a place called St. Michael's, Maryland (near Annapolis) and there was a boutique selling fake bags right in the store. They were blatently fake LV, Coach, and Kate Spade, I couldn't believe it. I usually think of selling fakes when I go to NYC and they have guys walking around with them in trashbags but these were right in a store!
  8. The suggestion was to have someone on Ebay to verify genuine v fake
  9. I'm glad there are some articles saying what these fakes promote. I think many people think it's a victimless crime and that why there is an acceptance of it. Yet most people I have discussed fakes with have no idea where the profits from the fake bags are going toward.

    I think it's really sad that 30% of people think they are buying the real thing and have a fake.
  10. It explains why I see so many fake bags on the streets in London :tdown:
  11. While I agree it would be impossible to obliterate the source, I think the sale of fakes in the UK could be much decreased if the vendors were arrested and prosecuted. When you can buy fakes in places such as Oxford Street and Camden High Street rather than from the back of a lorry of course it makes it easy for people to 'forget' - or in some cases not even realise - the issue of legality.

  12. Im certainly not embaressed to be British because people carry a fake bag.

    I will say however that from my part of the UK not many people even know what LV is, and those that do think they have got a great bargain from e-bay!

    The most fake LV's I have ever seen are in the New York/ New Jersey area.