Britney's tiny black dress reveals a little too much

  1. Please tell me I'm seeing things...
  2. Yikes, those pictures are something else.
  3. Just saw recent footage of Brit. Her legs and rear end were clearly visible and looked nothing like that. In fact, she looked wonderful. I do believe someone has been photoshopping...........
  4. whoa man, and she used to be SO toned...i hope i never stop working out!!!!
  5. OK...*WHO* is telling Britney that she looks good in these hooker get-ups?!?!?

    The cottage cheese thighs are not a biggie -- she's human like the rest of us. Plus she's had two kids. Nothing ages your body more than pregnancy and childbirth!
  6. Wow - she looks bigger then I thought she actually was. For some reason the cellulite looks a little photoshopped to me.
  7. Ugly as usual..........
  8. Eh...everything Britney wears reveals a little too much.
  9. Even if the lumps are real, most people have far worse after two children. But the hooker get-up is really terrible, regardless of how toned she is or not! She needs a mirror and some taste.

    As an aside, it amazes me that people assume that VB and Britney are photoshopped, but accept that Kate Moss has horrible, saggy, lumpy legs! Moss has hardly any fat on her, either, yet people think those pics are not photoshopped! The double-standard is amazing, depending on who people like and who they don't!
  10. i think that "dress" is really er a shirt, Britney:rolleyes:
  11. Yikes, the outfit is even worse.
  12. Whatever she is wearing dress shirt it looks horrible. I don't know that she has been thinking lateley. And even if photoshoped she is showing wayy too much!
  13. Cover it up please mkay??
  14. ^^Exactly diordramaqueen! She looks terrible!:tdown: