Britney's Star of David?

  1. I have a close friend who I know would love to have a Star of David necklace worn by Britney Spears. ... yes, even if she shaved her head that day. :/ Does anyone recognize the necklace (perhaps by the chain), or is it something generic/obscure?

  2. One more:

  3. It's just a Star of David. Nothing special about her necklace in particular. It looks like sterling silver, IMO.

    Just google "silver star of david" and you'll find a ton of hits. Here's one: CLICK

    Is your friend Jewish? Most Jewish women have a Star of's a pretty basic jewelry item.

    I personally find it pretty offensive that Ms. Britney is walking around with a Star of David on her neck and no tie to the Jewish religion or culture whatsoever. JMO.
  4. ^^I don't think she even knows why she is wearing it...
    It is a very pretty necklace, though.
  5. Which is even more bizarre. :lol:
  6. Yes it's a Star of David I used to wear one. I am not Jewish but it was fashionable here at the time.
  7. I don't think that "most" women have a SOD (even if they are Jewish), don't agree with your statement.:idea: Why would you take offense to anyone wearing a SOF? I think it could help the Jewish Community and would rather see that than negative comments made:idea:
  8. Yeah, she's Jewish, as am I. :smile: I thought she'd get a kick out of that particular one, tho.

    w.r.t. non-Jewish people wearing a Star of David: The cross is considered to be a fashion item. Why not the Star of David?
  9. You only wore the Star of David because it was "fashionable"? That is really offensive to me. Religion is never supposed to be fashionable. :rolleyes: :s
  10. I take offense to people wearing a SOD if they have no connection to the Jewish religion or culture because it cheapens the meaning of the star. It has deep religious and cultural association that the Jewish community holds dear, and when people wear it because it's "fashionable" they're basically rendering the meaning of the star null and void.

    How is it "helping" the Jewish community? It's making a mockery of the symbol. Are the people wearing it because it's "fashionable" taking into consideration what the star means? And are they making any attempt whatsoever to learn about the culture, history, and religiosity of the religious symbol they're wearing around their necks?

    Kabbalah and all that nonsense is completely cheapening and mocking the Jewish faith, and I do find it offensive and I think it only makes the people buying into the fluff look silly. The rest of the Jewish community, the ones that have an understanding of what the Kabbalah really is, are all laughing at them. It's ridiculous.

    As far as a cross being "fashionable," I know nothing about that, and so I won't argue for or against the propriety of wearing a cross when you have no Christian affiliation whatsoever. But wearing a SOD when you're not Jewish, don't participate in Jewish cultural practices, and don't understand the significance and value of the symbol is indeed offensive to the Jewish community and I know for a fact I'm not the only one that feels this way.

    Like LVShoeFan said -- religion is not supposed to be fashionable.
  11. ITA - she is NOT JEWISH and
    for those of us who are, it has meaning and significance and for her to wear it as just another piece of jewelry is offensive. JMHO
  12. I have mixed feelings about someone like Brit wearing a Mogen David on their necklace. I don't mind if someone non- Jewish wears it, but I think when it becomes a symbol used for attention seeking/shock value or whatever ridiculous reason she's choosing to wear it, it just borders on disrespectful.

    And as far as the initial question, that seems to be an Armenian styled Star of David, IIRC. So you may want to add "Armenian" in your search querries when looking for that style.

  13. didnt her last fling give it to her, Isnt he jewish ..?

  14. VERY well said and I am in complete agreement!
  15. Well, Britney isn't known to be that bright. Maybe she thought the SoD was a pentagram and made a mistake.