Britney's Parents Babysitting


    Britney’s parents took care of Sean and Jayden at Kevin’s house, while Kevin was off shooting “One Tree Hill” in North Carolina — Looks like the only thing that could bring these two divorcees back together is their grandchildren and while the two seem to embrace daddy Kevin, momma Britney is left behind … Can’t you all just get along, people?! For the sake of the kids?

  2. "Grandparents" drive me nuts, but those pics are too cute.
  3. Gee....grandpa sure looks like a load of fun. :wacko:
  4. ^ He's probably unimpressed with the photographers following them around....considering everything his daughter has been through lately and how it's all been splashed all over the tabloids.
  5. ^I agree...they can't get a break from the photographers...
  6. Good to know those kids are safe right now!
  7. OMG I bet this is going to piss britney off.
  8. I think grandpa is mad about the photographers following them - can't blame him. At least the kids aren't exposed to Britney's antics for a few hours.
  9. Hahaha you're right. But the pics are cute though.
  10. It's sad that they can't all get along! Britney's own parents are seeing their grandchildren only at Fedex's house??? They must of really pissed off Britney!
  11. Those pics are really sweet! They must be so annoyed that they can't even get a brake from the pphotographers!
  12. cute kids....
    sad homelife.
  13. Wow, wasn't the mum instrumental in Britney and Kevin's divorce? Weird.
  14. These boys need a stable loving life - I just hope whichever parent can provide that does.