Britney's new "Gimme More" video is now you youtube!!

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  1. Ok, watched it all now.

    I think the video is ok...It's not as great as some of her others were, but it was alright. I think she looks good
  2. I like the song but the video could have been much better!
  3. Is it supposed to be so blurry and shaky? It looks like a really bad home video.
  4. I hate the song and I don't want to watch the video. I just want to throw up everytime I hear her name :throwup:
  5. horrible... just like i expected.
  6. Love the song, the video? Not so much.....
  7. Some fans are saying that the funeral outfit was the first shot she took for this video...apparently it was bad so they re-shot it, so this isnt the Video. the lighting is disgusting, how awful !
  8. Really like the song. Is it just me or did her body look stretched/distorted? Maybe to make her look thinner?
  9. it's posted in the Britney Disaster thread:yes:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.