Britney's New Bag

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  1. Does anyone know what kind of bag this is??????? She was seen shopping here in NYC this past weekend.

  2. Here's another pic of her with the bag....I like the size but I hope that isn't real fur!
  3. Okay....I'm not sure what's wrong here.....I just posted it and the picture showed and everything, now it's not pulling up. What did I do wrong?
  4. [​IMG]
  5. [​IMG]
  6. I luv big bags ;)
  7. I love big bags too, but not furry :sad:
  8. Dont like the fur
  9. I also hope that isn't real fur :sad:
  10. The fur coat AND bag just seem like a little too much together. At least no one is jumping on the trend to get that bag !
  11. Yeah, the more I see it, the more I'm wondering if the fur is real or not. I guess I'm most attracted to the size of the bag because I absolutely love big bags. But if that's real opinion will change about the bag.
  12. LOVE the bag. We have got to figure out who makes it.......looks like Britney has dropped her baby weight....
  13. yeah I would love to know who9 makes it :smile: and I dont think she would wear real fur
  14. That bag is hideous! Im sorry guys. I cant jump on the bandwagon. And NOT bcuzz its fur. I have seen plenty of nice fur bags and this aint one of them.
  15. Yeah ... now she should jettison that husband - what a loser! :cry: