Britney's new bag

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  1. Check out Britney's new bag. She's got the Kooba Lucy Tan and she's walking around everywhere in it. I thought she was one of those celebs who wore a new bag everyday, but every photo I see of her out and about she is only carrying this bag. I personally thingk it's not really that great, nothing compared to Chiara in green or purple, but she really is attached to it.
    britneybraandbag1.jpg britneybraandbag2.jpg bs3.jpg britneyface1.jpg
  2. Not too sure how I feel about Kooba bags yet. The only thing I was impressed with was how soft the lining was!
  3. I like the Kooba bag. But I'm not too crazy about those Britney pics. I know she's just a regular gal too but damn. i'm not use to seeing her rough it like that!! :wacko:
  4. I think the Kooba totes are great, and not too pricey for all that leather (hehe). A was contemplating the brown Kooba Maya (in my ever-going brown bag quest) at my local Neiman's recently, and the SA told me that they can't seem to keep them in for long. I don't know if she was just saying that to sell it to me, but I can definitely see why they would. Plus, the bags are pretty sturdy and feel weighty.
  5. Brit is actually one of the celebs that does NOT carry man designer bags all the time. It isn't her thing. She has carried an Abercrombie and Fitch one and one from Gap before! Cute bags nonetheless!

    I like the Kooba bag but Brit looks drained- bring a mommie and not having a very good father figure around would be hard...
  6. I had no idea that Britney looks that horrible without make up. Man she looks CRAAAAAAAAzy!!
  7. Yeah, she definitely looks nothing like before Kevin. She totally let herself go. Hopefully she'll get back in shape and start fixing herself up again. Kevin really aged her.
  8. She just had a baby. She looks pretty good to me. I think Kevin looks like a pursed rat.
  9. Will she stop making those UGLY faces?!!!! That bag is not all of that. She never matches. Im no Kooba fan but I've seen way better ones!
  10. you know, as i was reading the criticisms, i started thinking...she's dressed just like every girl at college dresses to go to class on a friday morning. t shirt, sweats that may or may not match, and a huge trendy bag...and she's our age, too. so as much as i want to, i guess i really can't judge. with the extra stress of just having a baby and having such a loser husband, she actually seems to be handling things like anyone her age would.
  11. I don't think you can ***** about how she looks and then lament how celebrities set such a high standard for their figures and wardrobes and style. This is the VERY problem. She looks like an ordinary person -- not starved and pinched and styled -- and she gets slammed for it. Why would a celebrity ever make a stand and look 'ordinary'? WE are the ones telling them its BAD for them to look ordinary.

    Personally, I am no fan of Britney Spears (never have been), but I can't fault her look. Who among us doesn't get tired of putting on the make-up and doing your hair all the time?
  12. I loooove Kooba bags..I have almost all of them!
  13. I knew I liked you, same taste in bags, too! Amen sister!!!
  14. ^^ Thank you, thank you (taking a bow....)
  15. You must be from Texas with that statement, 'she never matches'

    Love it!!!!!! From Texas, too, you would think that this Louisiana girl would match. :biggrin: