Britney's new baby's name

  1. Apparently its Jailynn :rolleyes: or JAILIN' when Kfed gets dumped and is too broke to pay child support... :lol: - Inside Track: Whiney K-Fed: It’s hard to compete with Brits

    Whiney K-Fed: It’s hard to compete with Brits

    By Herald wire services
    Thursday, September 7, 2006

    Rapper wannabe Kevin Federline confessed to talkshow gal Ellen DeGeneres yesterday that “it was tough” being married to mega pop-star Britney Spears.
    “I think the expectation is real high for me, you know,” K-Fed explained. “It’s like you see my wife here, she is this huge superstar everybody loves her, all of her music is just hits after hits, and it’s hard to compete.”
    The aspiring rapper quickly caught himself and added that he doesn’t think in terms of competition with his wife, but that “other people are putting it in that perspective.”
    “I just have fun,” the soon-to-be father of four said. “I love rapping and making music period.”
    But not to worry. Spears is definitely doing her part to make life easy on her 28-year-old hubby. Star maggie reports that the preggers singer, who is about to pop, is scheduled to have her second baby by C-section on Sept. 14 - the same day she gave birth to her first child, Sean Preston, a year ago.
    This way the fertile K-Fed will only need to keep one date in his head for his two children. Isn’t that thoughtful of her???
    And the second Spederline spawn will allegedly be given the name Jailynn, which is a combination of the names of Spears’ dad, (Jamie), mom (Lynn) and her little sister, (Jamie Lynn). Again, not to clutter Kevin’s head with a new name.
    Isn’t love grand?
  2. aw. poor sean p, having to share his birthday. that sucks.

    what a strange family...i hope they're happy at least. :yes:
  3. This made me smile...if it is all true.
  4. That's name isn't very nice, I hope she doesn't do it.
  5. She is such a hick.
  6. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: That's funny.
  7. LMAO!! :roflmfao: That's a lot nicer that what I was thinking. I really hope they name the baby that, poor kid. I was actually suprised when the named the first one Sean Preston. It was much more normal than what I was expecting.
  8. hmm.. i wonder when this marriage will end...
  9. He's so working her bank account, nothing like a compliment from your hick kiss ass trailer trash husband to make you feel better about being superstar trailer trash!
  10. There is a girl in my daughter's kingergarten class named Jadalynn and there is another in a higher grade named Jadelyn. Bear in mind, I am in Kentucky and there are quite a few hicks around. But not me! *sniff* (We need a snobby looking smiley!) My daughter's name is Ashley.
  11. that name SOUNDS pretty but LOOKS awful!

    Why couldn't she just go for Jalynn or Jaelynn something??
  12. I agree! :yes:
  13. Ugh, this whole thing gives me a headache!!
  14. A close friend of mine is named Jaelyn....I like the sound and spelling.

    As for being born on SP's bday....that just sucks....couldn't she wait another week or something....the poor kids will always be overshadowed by one another.
  15. I agree, and what a miserable name! Poor thing!