Britney's Long Black Weave....& Those Darn Boots !!!

  1. [​IMG]
    Britney Spears tries multiple hairstyles in one day

  2. She must really be attached to those boots!!! Not a fan of her look here!
  3. i like her blonde better
  4. I've started scratching again......
  5. Fug, and she was cute before too.
  6. She needs to buy some Proactiv ASAP.

    She looks so dirty..
  7. damn...she is in need of some proactive. Oh and new boots. Check the eyebrows in the last pic...YUCK.
  8. Tweezers anyone?

    ETA: Those boots probably smell sooo bad...*gag*
  9. This girl's, what, like mid-20's and she is already aging very poorly. And I don't get all the manic hair changes....she's clearly dissatisfied and bored.
  10. OMG, I just took a closer look. Ick! :nogood:
  11. You know, I love that little dress, but her jewelry looks awful as well...I try to say somthing nice!!!!!!!!!
  12. These pictures of Britney don't look that great. Sorry Brit!
  13. The dress does not flatter her at all , IMO.
  14. yikes!:yucky:
  15. someone, please, get her to a stylist. STAT.