Britney's Jeans!

  1. i dunno anything about those jeans but her hair sure does look funny!
  2. Almost positive that those are new seven jeans (with the skull and bones theme). Hope that helps!
  3. I agree.
  4. hmmmm...I wasn't so sure about them being Sevens. The only sevens I've seen are with a bunch of small skulls on them in navy stitching. I could be totally wrong. Also, the back pockets of her jeans seem to be plain. With the exception of the skull pattern, I haven't seen any Sevens without some sort of signature stitching. I could be waaaaay wrong though, but those were my thoughts.

    I love a good hunt on the internet for stuff like this but came up empty handed!!

    My only guess was maybe they are Allen B. Jeans????
  5. I'm wondering if they are Ed Hardy since she's been sporting a lot of his clothes lately??
  6. deff no seven jeans....but, that video of her is soo cute. I love that shes always so nice to the papp's.
  7. The white painted skull on the thigh kind of looks like this brand called Mr. Winter. I've seen that brand at Nordstrom's Saavy department.
  8. Paige, I believe. In the first pic, you can see the brown signature notches on the back left pocket, but I could be wrong.