Britney's interview with Matt Lauer

  1. I'm watching the Britney Spear's interview with Matt Lauer, and I'm seriously feeling sorry for that girl. Yes she has lots of money, but she has a lot of problems and a crap load of pressure. She seriously needs a break. :sad:
  2. Agreed, but she went out of her way to be inappropriate, I think. Who in their right mind would wear that outfit on national tv in primetime while trying to defend her motherhood? And what was with the gum? I would have taken her comments much more seriously if she acted her age of 25 and not 12.
  3. I was thinking the MC syndrome. Nervous breakdown is on the horizion for this girl.:huh: One thing I don't understand is why everything has to hang out and stop below the butt when your pregnat. Just being pregnat is the most beautiful thing in the world. I don't like seeing all of your business. Britney's twins look like they were struggling for air.:sick:
  4. It's too bad she looks so sloppy and messy, especially in an interview designed (probably from her "people's" side, at least) to bolster her image.

    but for pete's sake, why on earth didn't her PR person or other rep advise her to get a stylist for a day or at least cover up, wear clothes that aren't sloppy and brush her hair????
  5. Oh man, she looked like a wreck...her extensions were all messed up and there was something wrong with her right eyelashes. And who chews gum during an interview on national TV?

    Also, thumbs down on Matt Lauer's sockless with tan loafers look.
  6. OMG...she's such a mess..
    Doesn't she have stylish and PR people ?? I thought the purpose of that interview is to "clean" up her image..
    I don't know where to begin but I think she's like trailer trash..(sorry :sad: it's mean )
  7. you can take the girl out the trailer park but you can't take the trailer park out of the girl.....Isn't she originally a red neck (sorry bout my term but its what i can use to best describe it )
  9. The sad part is that NBC probably did not suggest anyone from their organization come in and "help" Britney smarten up. They love a good train wreck. The only way they could have exploited her more would have been to have had that weasel Katie Couric interview her. I could see it now. That smile of hers tries to look so caring but really resembles a crocodile :yucky:
  10. I really feel bad for her, her tears were so real and heartfelt. The person she was in that interview is her, with the gum and that clothing. Aren't we supposed to care about people and their feelings more than what they are wearing. I am not a britney fan but when he asked her about how she felt that everyone wanted her marriage to fail and she said "how sad" i felt for her. I don't think any of us would be better off if we went through everything she has been through.
  11. personally i think if she ditched that k-fed she'd clean up her act. Its hard to be classy when you are hanging /married to white trash.
    She needs to get seriuos help and just get over the fack that she screwed up and write the check to k-fed and then write him off.

    he life would be so much more sable and that is what her kids need.
  12. All I have to say is I LOVE men that wear no socks with
  13. Why not just take some time away from the spot light to have a family and then return. So many other celebrities have.
  14. I don't think "they'll" let her.

    Agreed! :flowers:

    I don't think she realized what she signed up for when she became a celebrity. I feel really bad for her...
  15. Agreed!!! She should recall when Demi Moore disappeared to be a mother to her kids in relative peace! Brit (who did look awful) and K-Fed want it both ways, they want the public to pay attention when it pays (remember Chaotic she sould have apologized to the public for that one, and selling the pics of Sean P, don't think the $$$ went to charity like Shiloh) and then turn off the public attention when it doesn't suit them. Surely she can't be naive/dumb enough to think it works that way, I would really love for her to go away :idea: