Britney's Husband Not Being Man Enough

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  1. Gee, some dude with 2 illegimate children and no job isn't pulling his weight as a father? What a surprise!!

    She should just buy him another expensive sports car, or another expensive condo in Las Vegas - that will get him to want to stay home with his family, right?

    I really hope she got a good pre-nup. She is dumb as a brick, but I hope her lawyers aren't.
  2. ^^^werd, had no idea about the second child though, damn!:suspiciou
  3. I always shake my head when I hear of these women -- celebrities and other 'regular' folk I really know -- who meet their husbands when their husbands are married to other women or whose husbands were sh*tty in earlier relationships who are then shocked, SHOCKED when the same thing happens to them. I know we all think we can change them but we can't.....
  4. I know we all think we can change them but we can't..... :oh:

    AMEN to that! The truth can free you, but it will make you miserable first!
  5. The only person I feel bad for here is the baby. Britney was just looking for a man who would be good in bed, and Kevin wanted a singing and better dancing career?!, but now there is a helpless child involved. Poor little guy
  6. That being said, don't think I don't still make the effort to 'chip away' at things with my husband! And we've been married for 15 years next week! As much as I can't change him, I also can't just give up!
  7. 15 years!!!! Wow congrats Issmom! Do you have anything planned for your anniversary??
  8. Yes and no. We have a sitter for next week and dinner plans. Months ago, we had said we should do something really special like a weekend away, but that never materialized (we do vacation without the kids once a year). We have two kids and the early Fall is bananas with the start of school (my little one just started kindergarten), parents meetings, the Jewish holidays. Planning to go out for just one night is a major accomplishment!

    But my curiosity is piqued....we never give gifts for our anniversary. Just a tradition of cards and flowers. The idea was that our real gift was each other (yeah, I know....awwwww). But my husband has been visiting jewelry stores a lot and asking me my opinion of catalogs that have been coming in. He insists he's planning early for Chanukah (and after 15 years I'm not too likely to believe that!) so we'll see if he's 'breaking the rules'. Not that I would object.
  9. ^^ AWW!! haha I know that was expected! When men surprise women it is probably one of the cutest things ever! I can always think of the cutest things but I want Vlad to think of them instead of me! ;)

    As for the kids and the hectic life, I know how that is. My mom always was so busy with all 4 of us, she didn't have time for anything. At one point, we were in 4 different schools, so she was a mad woman going around town! I hpe your kids are doing good back in school-- and the kindergartener-- how cute!! :P