Britney's Falling out with Paris Hilton Confirmed

  1. [​IMG]A representative for Britney Spears has
    confirmed reports that the singer has
    ended her friendship with Paris Hilton.

    Spears was regularly spotted out
    partying with Hilton following her split
    from husband Kevin Federline, but her
    antics led to a huge amount of bad
    press and a backlash from fans.

    Her spokesperson explained: "Britney
    had fun with Paris. But she wants to
    focus on her family and career now."

    Hilton had invited Britney to
    accompany her to the Vienna Opera
    Ball, hosted by Richard and Christina
    Lugner, but she has now withdrawn
    the offer.

    Richard said: "Paris is a very good
    advertisement for the Opera Ball. But
    she will no longer be joined by Britney."

    Christina added: "They unfortunately
    do not get on any more. But Paris is
    very happy."

    I guess this is good news for Brit's Fans

  2. I had no idea either of the girls were opera buffs. Britney must be very disappointed.
  3. Paris sure does go though friends.
  4. Why did these girls not can be friends without partying 24/7
  5. Too little too late if Brit is trying to save her image.
  6. That's a start for Britney IMO
  7. Why doesn't Paris' left eye ever open all the way? Does she have lazy eye?
  8. GOOD!! I think Brit and Christina should be friends. I think Christina could show Brit a thing or two about being grown-up.
  9. Somebody made a new thread about Paris left eye. It said thats the result of a botched eye surgey
  10. Paris probably stole Britneys underwear -- now there not friends :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  11. Britney no longer wants to hang out with Paris because she cannot believe she could look trashier than Paris.
  12. oh well they looked weird together
  13. Boo hoo. We knew that wasn't going to last :rolleyes:
  14. lol! This is sooo funny! Now Britney wants to change! It might bea little too late!
  15. It was bound to happen sooner or later...