Britney's Eyeglasses on OK! Cover

  1. Anyone know the brand of the glasses Britney is wearing?

  2. aww that's a very cute pic of her and her son. She looks healthy here. Is this the private pic that she's sueing that one photographer for? sorry off topic. i have no idea what glasses those are.
  3. don't know about the glasses, but great pic!! not used to seeing her look this good anymore...
  4. These glasses are by FENDI.

    You can see from one of the photos inside the mag that on the sides where the arms meet the lenses there is a gold metal bit with 3 small 'F's on it.

    Britney invited this photographer into her home to take these photos of her and her two boys before the incident when she would not hand them back to KFed. Apparently, when she saw these photos she cried.

    The boys are really really cute and Britney looks really healthy in these photos.
    Britney 1.jpg Britney 2.jpg Britney 3.jpg Britney 4.jpg Britney 5.jpg
  5. Fendi! Awesome, thank you!! That style of glasses -- squared off with wide terminals look best on me and I'm on the hunt for a new pair.

    Thanks for the extra pics too!
    - Angie
  6. Those are cute glasses! They suit her well.
  7. Why can't she just be like this all the time??? :sad:

    I like the glasses too btw...
  8. I was going to post this yesterday as well as I was wondering the same thing! I love these glasses and she looks so healthy and happy here.
  9. She looks so happy in those pics. I used to love her when I was younger. So sad that she is how she is now (but I do love her new CD)
  10. I too love the frames. :smile: It's time for me to get a new pair of glasses. Normally I'd rip out this page to take with me shopping but I'm kind of embarrassed to walk into a store with a picture of Britney as my fashion inspiration.
  11. I love her glasses every year i have to get new lenses. and i usually get new frames too... maybe i'll try to hunt these down.
  12. Awww cute pic!!
  13. I haven't been able to locate those glasses - even searching online for Fendi. Help me please if you can find them send me a link or email.