Britney's Craving For Taco Bell

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  2. is she in her mini cooper lol
  3. [​IMG]Britney Spears' half-eaten sandwich has sold for over $500 in an internet auction.

    The seller, who goes by the username of 'derrickito', posted the egg salad on the Australian version of eBay along with a corn dog supposedly
    nibbled by the pop star's husband Kevin Federline.
  4. eww. Leftover food ... thats disgusting!
  5. I get taco bell cravings all the time... and I'm not even pregnant. let the girl eat! I'm just glad that she does eat and apparently keeps it down, unlike some other starlets.
  6. aw she looks cute!

    this makes me want taco bell really badly. mmmmm.
  7. At least she's eating. Once in a blue moon I will crave for taco bell, too, lol.
  8. wow, that's gross. I hope no one buys that!
  9. taco bell...perfect craving food! I can't wait for her comeback...I may be in the minority here, but I love Britney!
  10. I would rather have Taco John's actually!! lol
  11. I do too! The "old" britney....i miss her.
    And I also wish her and Justin Timberlake would get back together! Now that would be a dream come true!:idea:
  12. heheh, she likes Taco Bell.. I like it too.. gosh, I haven't had anything from taco bell for over a month.. time to go and grab something then...
  13. Now I want taco bell!
  14. I LOVED Taco Bell when I was pregnant. OK the half-eaten sandwich thing is gross.
  15. She looks so cute and happy!