Britney's Comeback Plan Delayed????

  1. Rumour said that her recording sessions were so awful that Jive Records have make a special meeting about her album. Plus don't forget her recent behaviour and negative press, which the record company thinks that it would be "alienating" her fan base.

    "According to New York Post columnist CINDY ADAMS, the project has come to an abrupt stop midway through the recording process because bosses are trying to decide whether to redo the tracks or to drop the project entirely."

    God I missed her when she's like this:



    source: - The Latest Updates
  2. There are also rumors floating around that she may be entering rehab....I think doing that COULD help her career, but it would be favoring K-Fed in a custody battle (maybe, I'm not a lawyer so who knows)...I do hope she cleans her act up and does a GREAT comeback (i.e. Christian post-"dirty" days)