Britney's boots ---

  1. Does anyone know the brand of these boots?

  2. Nope. The dress is cute but I don't think the boots go well with it.
  3. I am guessing Kors by Michael Kors.
  4. Dior made boots like that last season (theyre on sale now). So Im guessing they are Dior. Or look really similar to them.
  5. they look like either the YSL "Ida" boots or the Juicy Couture wedge boots...
    can't really tell...
  6. Thanks search continues...
  7. I thought that they were Kors too.
  8. YSL ida boots have no zipper
  9. They do look a lot like the Dior boots that were out a couple seasons ago... I think last winter or the year before, not sure...
  10. They really look like Kors to me too!
    Juicy too.
  11. those look super comfortable.
  12. I think those are Chloe`.
  13. They are not ysl "ida" boots
  14. Confirmed the boots are from Juice Couture. Thanks.