Britney's Back Home In Kentwood Having Lunch, Now, Its On To Her Malibu Estate

  1. My girl Britney Spears is back home in Kentwood, Louisiana after working on her new album in New York.

    While there, Brit-Brit paid a visit to the Dixie Springs Cafe - a Spears family favourite – with baby Sean-P in tow. Needless to say, it was five star dining.
    Patrons looked on as Britney fabulously tended to her young son.

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  2. awww very cute!
  3. I never thought KFed could produce such a cute baby, but little Sean really is cute. Brit looks good too!
  4. Awww both of em r so cute :biggrin:
  5. Not sure about the outfit, but I like the headband on her. :yes:
  6. Britney's hair looks so cute...I love little Sean P!!
  7. They look cute.

    She must have heard all the upset her hair-do in the last set of photos, now it looks like she is wearing a wig.
  8. Very cute!

    Awwww, poor Sean P! Sad baby :sad:
  9. He is so adorable even when he is crying. She lookks much better than she did before.
  10. she still wearing her wedding band (last pic)??
  11. ^^^ sure does look that way
  12. Is that KFed in the picture with her?
  13. She looks so good!!!!! Little Sean is the cuttest little thing!
  14. She looks great, thank god shes rid of that trash.
  15. Sean is so adorable. They look cute!