Britney's Back: Her First Gig in 3 Years *PICS*

  1. Britney Spears made a triumphant comeback last night, playing her first gig in three years.

    The pop princess took to the stage at the House of Blues in San Diego for just 16 minutes but after she had belted out five of her classic tunes, fans were left shouting for more.

    She's done it again: a healthy looking Britney wowed fans last night

    Britney devised her own routines for the show

    Britney impressed the club crowd during the brief performance

    The crowd cheers Britney on during her first show in three years

    Queues started forming around the block from early afternoon as Spears made her way from Los Angeles in a new tour bus.
    The mother of two, 25, took to the stage at 10pm in a brunette wig, sparkling bustier, fur coat, white skirt and boots.
    She kicked off the set with Hit Me Baby One More Time, followed by I’m A Slave For You, Breathe On Me, Do Something and Toxic.
    One fan said: “She was absolutely fantastic. You would never know she had been away.”

    Spears seemed to have put her troubles behind her as she beamed at the crowd and said: “Thanks everyone for coming.”
    In another brave move, the star created her own comeback dance routines after reportedly having a bust-up with her choreographer Brian Friedman - one of the judges on ITV reality show Grease Is The Word. And judging from the crowd’s reaction last night, she has pulled it out of the bag.

    Britney (centre) on stage with her back-up dancers
    Britney's entourage, and accompanying paparazzi, caused chaos on the streets
    Fans hoped to catch a glimpse of the star on her tour bus
  2. She looks good and I'm glad she's on the right track and I"m looking forward to hearing some of her new stuff..... but I feel her dance routine is a bit tired. We've seen her do those dance moves a hundred times and that slutty way of dressing is a bit old too... I think she needs to devise a new style to go with her comeback.. IMO.
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  4. I am glad... this is a positive move for her!
  5. I'm glad she is back...I think she has great talent but just needs to make better decisions IMO.
  6. wow let's hope that she can keep it together!
  7. I am glad that she is getting her act together. I can't wait for a comeback album....i know i know one step at a time.
  8. She looks nice
  9. :yes:
  10. Good for her!
  11. I heard is was clearly lip-synced,. . . why bother?
  12. She looks like Jordan...and a bit of a tranny. Sorry...but:shrugs:
  13. The fourth pic looks scary! What about her kids? Who's caring for them now?
  14. $125 for 16 minutes? that seems liek alot. but im glad she's making a come back
  15. She still looks like trash.