Britney writes an apology to x17 for umbrella incident! Her excuse...

  1. [​IMG]

  2. Um ok. Right.
  3. come again?
  4. she looks scarry. :sad:
  5. What the heck? She truly is plum crazy.
  6. She is so full of it! :rolleyes:
  7. X17 wrote:

    "Our favorite pop princess sent us a funny (and again, sarcastic) little message today."
  8. Whew! Thanks for the clarification Caitlin.
  9. :confused1::wtf::shrugs:she needs serious help
  10. lol WHAT???
  11. :wtf:wtf?
  12. I got the sarcasm, is this Brits way of admitting she ...
  13. she needs to get back on the meds..
  14. What a weak attempt!

    With her bankroll, she should hire pariasite hilton's pr rep to cover her misbehavings
  15. Seriously, this girl needs the best help her money can buy, she is looney tunes!