Britney, Why Cant You Keep Your Clothes On ?

  1. [​IMG]
    A smiling Britney Spears turned on a real show for onlookers

  2. [​IMG]
    Britney's pals found her antics rather amusing
  3. [​IMG]
  4. What a wreck!
  5. I think she's hopeless at this point.
  6. She is off her rocker.
  7. Yeah, she's just so far gone...
  8. Lost Lost Lost chick. I feel soo sorry for her kids. WHere are they anyway...i have 2 kids myself. the same age as hers.
  9. It's kinda like she's crazy.
  10. So sad!
  11. Ugh.....nothing new from's like we're starting to expect this from her.

    But OT, that woman's Louboutins in the background are nice!!
  12. Why won't she hire a stylist?
  13. dunno what she's trying to do..
  14. Well, looking at the second picture - she didn't have a lot on before hand, she might just have well gone out without the shirt on anyway!

    Maybe thats just because I'm a mum!!!!
  15. She is so far gone at this point, I don't think she'll ever be "normal" again. She had/has too many people telling her how great and fabulous she is, that she'll never ask for help or believe that she's doing things wrong.

    She has that dangerous combination of money, stubborness and sheer stupidity.