Britney wears a thong bikini on the beach in Mexico!!

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  1. I did a search, so I hope these aren't already posted! Sorry if they are!!

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  2. She's looking better than she has in a long while but she doesn't have the butt for that
  3. Good for her, I do not care for her much however, holidays are holidays and we all feel a bt more free when in that environment! I dont think she looks bad at all.
  4. ^I agree, good for her for being comfortable enough to do that! I think she looks pretty good!
  5. I'm actually shocked that she looks so good!
    Props to Britney!
    Thanks for posting!
  6. She is a hell of lot braver than me! Good for her!
  7. Are these recent pics?

  8. ITA.
  9. yes, they're from this past weekend. :yes:
  10. She certainly doesn't have the butt for that type of bikini bottom... but she still is looking a lot BETTER than she has in a LONG time. Good for her. I wish I had the balls to be able to cut loose like that when on vacation.
  11. I think she looks good and her butt looks fine. We are talking about woman who's had 2 babies. :P
  12. Still not impressed with her hair though.....
  13. her bod isint ridiculously bad.
  14. more power to miss brit! 90 lbs .. or 190 lbs i would never wear a thong in public! .. 2 kids later .. and she's lookin' good!
  15. Good for her. Maybe, finally, she is coming out the other side. Hey, if she has to be addicted to something, far better for it to be healthy living and excercise ;) :yes: